New Promo: Diler – Every Time

DILER ‘EVERY TIME‘ – explosive like dynamite!

With ‘Every Time‘ Diler has released an explosive debut single that will attract attention, guaranteed! The track, which is located between Slaphouse and Dance, is not only mega-catchy, unique and stylistically state of the art, but also belongs in the first league in terms of production. It exudes pure energy, settles in your ear canal and makes you wanna dance.

Sebastian Zaperty aka Diler, singer, songwriter and producer from Poland, worked with Arkadiusz Jasionowicz on this track. ‘Every Time‘ arose from the need to share emotions and simply good music at the time of the Corona pandemic. The piece is about unconditional love – one that fills space, stops time and only happens once in a lifetime.

‘Every Time‘ is a promising debut and Diler has the best prerequisites for a successful path in the music industry. It is certainly a difficult time to get started in the music biz, but Diler’s love for club music drove him to it and he is sure: good music will always find its way!

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