New Promo: DEEPAIM – I Want More

Many people know it and many have already experienced it too often in life – the supposed great love. Then you realize that you don’t fit together after all or you get cheated and lied to. The trust is betrayted and with every lie it becomes easier to draw a line. In short, you are bored and you just want more in your life. No empty promises and no fake love.

I WANT MIORE – wraps these feelings in a strong positive arrangement.

DEEPAIM on this:
I love to see the supposed negative experiences in a positive light. From everything negative, you can always take something positive with you, even if it’s just life experience. So it was clear to me, to give the text a strong tonal character that encourages people to party. My “credo” – life goes on and the negative experiences should strengthen the character. In this way you learn to appreciate the positive things in life more. With or without this experience in life, I hope that the track will be well received and leave one or two catchy tunes.

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