New Promo: Copamore – Ciribi (La Serenata Latina)

Also inspired by old serenades and folk songs, Copamore have created something new: Ciribi (La Serenata Latina) is an unusual Latin pop track that also includes classical elements like mandolins and violins as well as bombastic male choirs. Since Copamore is of course primarily an EDM project, influences from the Brazilian bass, slap house and reggaeton genres cannot be denied. As a later evening song, the serenade is also lyrically dedicated to the moon, which has a special influence on our passions. In the moonlight, the world appears drenched in a beautiful blue filter full of lightness, but also awakening desires. This mood is perfectly reflected by the sound concept of Copamore’s single “Ciribi”.

UPC: 859761982892
ISRC#: TCAGE2277854

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