New Promo: Chris Wenner – Lover 4 Lover

Chris Wenner on the mathematics of togetherness: “1 and 1 is more than 2!” As a poet and singer, he always puts the seemingly simplest insights into a new, warmly illuminated light. In Lover 4 Lover he sings about life as a couple – a rejection of loneliness and an ode to the future of two lovers!

Together with Guido Craveiro he realizes his soulfully authentic sound – skillfully with acoustic-instrumental accents, sonorous repetition and always fresh musical ideas. The song and Chris Wenner’s voice are always standing out. Easy listening!

As an artist he can look back on numerous successes: The album “New Born Man”, his cooperation with the band “Venice”, radio appearances in Germany, UK and North America as well as a high Spotify presence underline the profile of Chris Wenner and show: He has a loyal, steadily growing audience.