NEW PROMO: Chris Wenner – Back in my Valley

Chris Wenner describes the separation of two lovers sensitively and in detail. From the initial pain, to the agonizing question of how the other person might be feeling, and finally a clear statement of closure: “You’re not going to find me, back in my valley.

With Guido Craveiro, the accomplished Portuguese-German producer and musical multi-talent, Chris Wenner transforms this plot into a quietly positive-melancholic song. The driving force here is Wenner’s feel for the quiet tones, which his voice gently frames like an impressionist watercolor painting. “Back in my valley” thus joins songs like “Losing Hold,” “Sunchild” or “We need so much love” in the artist’s impressive discography, all delivering complex themes tied up in beautiful acoustic music.

Chris Wenner’s fascination for acoustic guitars developed in the early 1970s during his teenage years. Since then, Chris has paired this fascination for this instrument with a genuine love for songwriting, storytelling and performance, having played with renowned artists such as Californian band Venice (who are featured on this debut album), and German rock artist Anne Haigis.

His debut album “New Born Man” is the culmination of Chris Wenner’s lifelong musical passion, marrying touching stories with gentle vocal harmonies and a stunning acoustic guitar sound – a repertoire that spans half a century of songwriting!

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