NEW PROMO: Captain Jack feat. Layzee – Summersun (Kenlo & Scaffa Remix)

Captain Jack und Layzee aka Mr. President present the new Remix of „Summersun“. DJ-Team Kenlo & Scaffa put a lot of power into the song. With punchy beats and breaks it’s off to the final spurt of summer. With 40-degrees in the shade during the video shoot it was the hottest day of the year on Mallorca. The artists sweated like wet poodles and still had to perform at their best.

The title is the follow up single from “Sunny Side of Life” with Loona. At the same time, “Summersun” is the third single of the long-awaited studio album “25 YEARS CAPTAIN JACK” which will be released end of this year.

• Pre-Release from album „25 Years Captain Jack”
• Captain Jack & Layzee aka Mr. President, two of the most famous and successful 90s artists worldwide
• each year 100 live shows at the biggest 90s festivals across Europe with up to 50,000 visitors
• 1.000.000 Spotify listeners each month (Captain Jack)
• Anniversary: 25 Years Captain Jack
• current hit on Youtube: „In The Army Now” more than 30 million views on 2 channels

Download & Stream-Link:



05.09.2021, BE – Mol, Legacy Festival
10.09.2021, DE – Wetzlar, Strandkorb Open Air
24.09.2021, DE – Bielefeld, Strandkorb Open Air
24.09.2021, NL – Antwerpen, Moose XXL – Sportpalais
25.09.2021, NL – Antwerpen, Moose XXL – Sportpalais
02.10.2021, AT – Wolfsberg, 90s Party
03.10.2021, DE – Aach im Hegau, Strandkorb Open Air